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Saturday, March 12, 2011

when inspiration strikes

I have a love hate relationship with inspiration.
When i have the time to sit down and write i don't seem to have that inspiration and it turns into a hard slog until i finally get into the groove, and then my precious time is up!
But when i've got that inspiration it's just as i've gotten into bed and think i can finally sleep, or i'm in the car on the way to school drop off, or watching a movie spending some quality time with my husband... I love that inspiration because i can get a few thousand words down with a minimum of fuss, but it's always at the wrong time!

I did maximize my writing word count in January by having three WIP's on the go. Yep, 3! When inspiration struck it was for either of the 3 and i just went for it, and got the most word count (collectively) that i have ever.

What do you do with your inspiration? Do you have more than one WIP on the go? When does inspiration usually strike for you?


  1. Hi Kerrin. Inspiration strikes anytime, anywhere, I'd just better have my notebook and pen on board. I find I get some really good story ideas when I'm at the library surrounded by books and waiting for my students to arrive. It's often a few lines in a book that sets me off.


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  2. I get my very, very best inspiration in the shower. It's like magic. I tell my hubby that's why I have to take long hot showers.

  3. sometimes it just take writing a short bit and then it hits as my mind takes off from the little I just wrote....

  4. I almost always have more than one WIP. It's just hard to have only one, you know? :) I agree, when inspiration runs dry on one, it usually makes up for it on the other.

  5. I have five WIPs on the go. So when I get bogged down in one, I can continue writing in another. Works for me! And inspiration? You're so right! Always strikes just at the wrong time... I can recommend a shower for good inspiration actually. :-)

  6. Mine hits most of the time when I am driving and I think that I need to get a voice recorder for such occasions. I have too many going on the way it is with NO time to work on them at home, so everything is on the go lately. Best wishes with your WIP and I hope that your inspiration comes to you with many hours to spare. :)

  7. As weird as this might sound, I don't work by inspiration. I write nothing for ages and when I start feeling guilty - make that really guilty - I'll make up my mind that I'm going to pick up where I stopped writing.