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Friday, September 14, 2012

New Book!

My Fav contemporary author Nicola Marsh has just released her first Indie Published book, Crazy Love!

Blurb from Nicola's blog:

All's fair in love...and matchmaking!

Sierra Kent doesn’t do love. 
While she embraces the quaintness of her home town Love and delights in matchmaking her clients through her Internet dating agency Love Byte, she doesn’t trust her intuition when it comes to the one emotion that has repeatedly let her down. 

City-slick Marc Fairley, CEO of LA's premier acquisition company, doesn’t have time for Love. 
From the minute he enters the kitschy town he can’t wait to hotfoot back to LA with his deranged mother in tow. 
Instead, he gets roped into the town's Love Fest hoopla, investigates the shady farmer his mom is engaged to, berates his butler for a mad crush on a brash Aussie waitress, and finds himself falling for the brazen red-head who continually baits him.
His life couldn't get any crazier.
Until he discovers in exacting revenge on his father and achieving his lifelong goals, he may lose the one thing he values most...

Can Sierra and Marc create enough sparks to send Love up in flames? 
And prove that winning isn’t everything in the love stakes, it’s how you play the game.

At $2.99 on Amazon kindle it is a bargain. I've just downloaded it and am dying now to read it but have to wait until next weekend when i have no kids, no hubby and just me and group of girlfriends!

Go on, snap it up now!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Romantic Friday Writers

I haven't done a post with RFW for at least a year!
The topic this week is I Should Have Kissed You. 600 words to describe the hesitation.
I've chosen to do a scene for my best friends story. It's a little hot!

Emma inhaled Matt's scent. Closing her eyes she let the spice and soap that was uniquely him fill her senses as his hands warmed her in his embrace. 
The heated path his hands created over her bare skin was more than enough to get her heart racing. The feel of his smooth muscled chest under her palms and against her cheek sent her mind reeling.

His splayed hands travelled ever so slowly from the dip in her spine upward causing the warmth to pebble her skin in anticipation. Letting her head fall back Emma smiled when he obeyed her instinctive movement and brushed his lips along the ridge of her jaw, his warm breathe creating yet more heat. 
“This is wrong,” he murmured before clamping his teeth on her earlobe, his hand fisting her hair and holding anchor at her nape.
Moaning at his obvious hesitation of claiming her mouth and the riot of desire coursing through her, Emma gripped Matt’s shoulders. “No it isn’t.”
Pulling her head free from his restraint caused a sharp pain at the roots of her hair but she ignored it as she looked him in the eye. 
“We both want this, have wanted this for a long time.” Reaching forward with her own lips seeking his, she was thwarted when he gently cupped her throat, rubbing his thumb at the sensitive spot right below the hinge of her jaw, their lips only a whisper apart.
“Matt, please.” His dark eyes widened and she read the battle in their depths. She knew he was scared. She was terrified. If he pulled away now things between them would never be the same again.
Taking the plunge she fisted his hair and yanked him forward. When she captured his lips with her own, she felt the resistance but threw herself, her love into her movements, moulding her body further into his embrace.
When he muttered a curse but didn’t break contact with her mouth, pulling her even closer she felt victory as their mouths each fought for the upper hand. The cold shock of the sheet on her back was her only indication they had moved to the next stage. 
The stage she had set. Wanted. Oh how she wanted. 
Bracing his weight on his elbows as his body covered hers, Matt lifted his lips from hers to stare searchingly into her eyes, only to replace them just as quickly.
As his hands grew increasingly searching as they travelled her heated skin, Emma let out a small laugh. “I should have kissed you ages ago.”
His response was muffled when she plunged her hands into his hair as his lips travelled over her belly button. Tugging on his hair she pulled him back to her mouth, reveling in the smile she felt against her lips. He did pull back then and she felt panic crash through her system. Please don’t stop, don’t regret this!
His eyes dilated as he focused through his desire. Even his hands stilled encircled as they were around her hips. Swallowing she watched as his eyes tracked the movement of her throat, his gaze slowly settling back on her mouth. 
“Yes. You should have.” 
Mating her tongue with his, Emma felt her panic disappear and be replaced with satisfaction. As long as he was being ruled by desire, he wouldn’t have time to regret this.

words 562.
full critique allowed.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's been more than a month??

OMG, i have not posted in more than a month.
I have, however been writing! When i read Nicola Marsh's Not the Marrying Kind it got my creative juices flowing and i have been attacking my Princess story. I have been dreaming of this story for ages and know all the key scenes. They just need to be written!
So slowly, very slowly (i have to juggle writing time with study time, kids, dog, hubby and home!) i have been adding to my word count.

A sneak of my WIP? Okay!
This is the first time my heroine Tori sets her eyes on her hero Max.

Compared to the other three he stood relaxed, his weight balanced slightly on his left leg. His suit was a darker grey that somehow exuded unrestrained power.
Tori immediately wondered why he would need bodyguards. The fabric of his pants showed clearly the strength in his long muscled legs. His buttoned jacket, tailored to broad shoulders, tapered to a narrow waist that just showed the strength in his torso more clearly. It was clear to her he would be able to handle himself.
Her perusal and musings were stopped in their tracks when he spoke and her gaze rose swiftly to his mouth. He had a rich rumbling British accent, tinged slightly with the lilt of Ireland. It flowed through her so quickly, warming her body, and settled the spinning in her tummy to that of a calm lap against a sandy beach. She felt safe and absent of fear.
Why would a man’s voice affect her so much, especially one she’d never heard?
“Ma’am. It’s a pleasure to see you again.”
Her mother stepped forward and accepted his greeting with a little smile, a slight flush tinting her pale cheeks as she curtsied. Curtsied!
Kissing her cheek, the man held her close and said something in her ear that made her mother break out in a proper smile. He released her and when Tori tore her fascinated gaze from her mother being enfolded in her husband’s bracing arm, she was arrested by the deepest pair of blue eyes. The gentle lapping in her tummy stilled and lay quiet as she drowned in their depths. The dark blue with hints of gold, as his strength had done had her at peace, safe and protected, Like she was home.
Why then was her heart hammering so hard she was sure everyone could hear it, or at least see it trying it’s darndest to explode from her chest. Drowned as she was in his bottomless eyes, she vaguely saw a curtain of soft dark hair framing a strong face, a long straight nose and thin lips. In the depths of her wavering vision she saw a young boy, waves of ebony hair swirling around his face as he raced over tumbled stones scattered on uneven ground, his mouth open in a laugh as he looked over his shoulder.
Who was he?
“Victoria.” With a bow of his head he spoke her name in a tone so full of joy but so formal it made her want to cry. The expression in his eyes were at odds with his tone yet so unfathomable to her. It was said exactly as she heard it in her head, the young boy turned towards her with laughter and affection in his gaze. Tori was so overwhelmed with her emotions she ignored his outstretched hands, obviously expecting her to accept his greeting as her mother had.