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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making your Characters Suffer

From a blog i follow, Word Play by KM Weiland, i thought you may like to read this post.
It shows how evil we are - and have to be - to our characters to create page turning quality in our stories.

It's all about conflict and frustration and not giving our characters what they want until either they have grown, or you are at the end!

Have a read here! and let me know your thoughts!!


  1. Great post. I loved the advice to not let them have any peace. Funny.

  2. I like the part about making a list of 10 things. THanks for the great link.

  3. I try, but my default is to make things easy on my characters. Got to raise the stakes!
    Passed you an award, fellow crusader!

  4. LOL It's a great post! Thanks Kerrin :)

  5. It's all about raising the stakes!

    Nice to meet you, fellow Crusader :)

  6. I read that post on her site, its good.

    cheers for sharing Kerrin.

    hope all is going well.