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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inner Dialogue

For Wednesday's Writing Tip i am again prompted by the fantastic K M Weiland (see left side blog roll to find her website).

She lists five ways that internal monologue are great for your story;
1. Lets your characters think
2. Shows personality through word choice
3. Shows personality through how the character views the world
4. Illustrates character arc
and she cautions to do these by
5. Choosing the best way to punctuate thoughts without stopping the reader flow.

I love internal monologue, this is one of my writing strengths, and weakness. I get so into my characters that i find it difficult to get them talking, to pace the story and make it more alive through their spoken voices and conversations.
But this helps me get to know them deeper, to great that page turning quality we all want. I just have to learn to pepper it in with speech!

What do you think of internal narrative? What is your writing strength or weakness?


  1. I too love internal dialogue - esp. when contrasted with what they actually say out loud. :D

  2. Mostly, I use it when my characters have big decisions to make, but I also have to gauge that fine line between just enough and way too much.