Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Well yesterday was going to be my first total morning dedicated to writing. I've done my characters interviews so feel i have a handle on my characters and their conflict. It means a complete overhaul on the story i'd submitted to the Harlequin competition last year but essentially the premise is the same, just the characters are different. Stronger.
So what happened?
My son and daughter caught the tummy bug going around at kindy and then i got it too!
So no word count, no nothing.
Just a bucket and glasses of water and conflicts and characters swimming in my head!
I will definately be begging my husband to watch the kids for some time over the weekend so i can write. I NEED to!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Okay so i haven't been adding to the word count lately, but not all writing is writing, right?

I have been doing research for Ten Night's Only, Billie Martin and Cooper Wilde's story. This story is set in Windy Wellington, New Zealand and i used this for my competition entry for the Harlequin competition.

I've been doing things like researching penthouse suites, the Plimmer Steps, Wellington Architecture and today i have done the most important of all. Which i perhaps should have done at the very beginning!

Character Interviews. All the author (published) blogs i follow have touted how important it is to really know your characters and the best way to do that is through interviewing them.

Today i took a sheet of questions i'd printed from Nicola Marsh's blog under her Write Whisper series of writing tips and applied them to Billie and Cooper.

I feel i have unravelled truely deeper, rounder, better characters as a result. Sadly, or maybe even not, i think i am going to completely scrap my first chapter and a half and start again as i have discovered things about these characters i hadn't known that has thrown them into totally new positions, no pun intended ;), occupationally speaking which i hope will throw them more favourably into view with the editors at harlequin when i re-submit this story.

The premise is the same. That is, the core problem and situation that i had them in to start with the same, but their individual goals and situations are different, and i hope better.

Next week, once i am at home and at my own computer - in my new office nook (will have to get that up and operation asap!) that word count will hopefully reflect this new inspiration.

In the meantime i will be working behind the scenes to make sure it will be clean sailing as much as possible for these two rocky lovers ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Creative outlet

One reason i haven't been pounding the keyboard and getting that word count up is my other creative outlet.
I make cards. Recently i started a project of mini photo albums for the grandparents. They were supposed to be for Christmas but they have taken so long, i decided they are just a 'because' thing!
They are mini scrapbooks and have 18 pages each. Photos on each side, so they took forever!

They have turned out remarkably well!
The photos don't do them justice. The time it has taken is well worth it - the kids are worth it and i know the grandparents will appreciate the albums! Of course i made an extra one for myself.

Now that they are completed, i can pack away my craft stuff and shift to the new house and then get dedicated to the word count ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love and Heroes

Seeing as February contains the traditional day of romance and love, Nicola Marsh, is hosting a special event on her blog featuring authors from Mills and Boon and the Heroes that inspired their stories.
You may even go in the draw to win copies of their awesome books!

Who are your favourite heroes?

My all time literary favourite is Mr Darcy. There are not enough words to write...who am i kidding, there is not enough SPACE to write about him. I loved his transformation from stuffy arrogant man to being brought to his knees by love but still proud of who he is. sigh.
And Julie Garwood's magical highlanders in Saving Grace, Ransom, The Secret, and Honour's Splendor.
I dream of being able to write such magical heroes and settings....