Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Works in Progress

Secrets and Lies (currently going through 2nd draft)
My first novel i have ever written. This is my baby. It is a single title Romantic Suspense written in full but currently a very dirty draft! I am currently reading through this and researching to place it in history in the Hebrides. Names etc are all up for change too :)
My main characters are: Gabrielle Devine, a strong woman who left the love of her life after a personal tragedy only to return a few years later to confront him, Wayne Langtree with the devastating truth about his brother. Wayne of course does not trust her.
This story stemmed from a dream i had based on the woman Gabrielle from Xena Warrior Princess, except she was blonde and my heroine has ebony hair and violet eyes...but the clothes are similar and they ride horses and wield swords and staffs and quiver and bows.

I am having difficulties with this one as i wasn't ready to set it in the real world because i didn't want to do all the research involved to find a time in which to set it - it is not a story to set in modern times obviously! - so currently it is in a made up place.

This story is going to end up a trilogy as i have two drafted (note form only!) stories to follow and the last one needs to be grounded in history hence the research needed!


Lost Princess (ST) (first draft not finished)
Victoria Brigham gets more than she bargains for on her 25th birthday; she discovers she is adopted. Angry and betrayed she leaves her parents for her OE starting with the escorted tour around a little island Principality. Soon she discovers she is the missing heir to the throne, but her way to the crown is a gauntlet of murder, secrets, betrayal, passion and love.


Saying No to the Status Quo (WIP)
Matt and Emma have been friends since they were kids. Since their mistake kiss this new years' Emma has struggled to put it behind her and confronts Matt, telling him she wants him and will no longer settle for being just his friend when she knows there is so much more between them. But Matt is not willing to let go of the only anchor he has in his life. Emma is his best friend and becoming intimate with her would be the worst thing - especially because she could decide she could do better and then he'd have nothing.


The Price of Passion (under 2nd draft)
I submitted this to the Harlequin competition in November 2009, and also the New Voices comp - rewritten and revised, that gained no success.
Cooper Wilde, inspired by Jensen Ackles, is rich and self made. Restoring old historic buildings in Wellington New Zealand, currently the one his parents bought at the beginning of their marriage. He cannot focus on this restoration as he can't get a certain woman out of his head and he has to be in control.
Billie Martin, inspired by Catherine MacCormack is an artist. New to the art world with pieces in the gallery gaining rave reviews she has an exciting interview to restore a mosaic in a bathroom. Little does she know it is owned by the very man who haunts her dreams and holds a very prominent part in her immediate future...
I was born and raised in Wellington and i thought it was a fantastic opportunity to set a story there. This one is set on Oriental Parade because i love the colours and the varying styles of houses and the vibrant people of the city.
I'm editing this story, trying to make it less cliche and give it more depth!
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