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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunset in Fiordland

Sun Set in the west - Photo by Chris Hishon. This photo is taken at the entrance of the fiord from the M.V. Mariner doing its over night cruise of Milford Sound. Chris Hishon is the skipper.

Okay, sorry about the pic quality, but you get the idea :)

I'll start off with my description, please share yours!!

Proudly glowing just behind the jutting mainland, the golden orb sets the sky alight with a burnished light, it's rays creating shafts of yellow and gold through the dimming sky and casting a dazzling light on the gently rolling water. 


  1. The gentle waves breathed fresh mists of salt to the shore where she stood,contemplating. The sea lapping lazily in the cove, had lost it's color in the dimming light. while earlier in the day the cliffs around the left of the cove were green, they were now fading slowly into distinctive inky blackness. The sun the only remaining true colour in the cove. setting just behind the cliffs 4 beams of piercing yellow shot out leaving wrinkly trails in the water and on the darkening coast.

    sorry feeling a bit contemplative this afternoon, couldn't resist. NOT my usual style at all. *Grin*

    this is a really good little writing exercise Kerrin, keep posting we should do one of these every day you know...


  2. i love your description! Yes i agree we should do it everyday, it really stretches you as a writer!