Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Monday, June 28, 2010


You may know that i am currently editing my friend's novel.
I've also been reading some of the writing books i have on my shelf, Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon and The Art of Romance Writing by Valeria Parv.
My goodness, just reading these and then reading through someone else's work is helping to sharpen my own writing! I have picked up things my friend is doing, thereby helping her by drawing her attention to it so she doesn't do it again (I hope!) and noticing that i do it myself!!

I highly recommend getting yourselves some craft books and even helping a friend by editing or even reading someone else's work in the editing stage. It really does help your own writing!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Editing Contest

Wow, there is an awesome contest up for grabs here. at C A
You just need to do a few things to gain entries to go in the draw to win an edit of a manuscript, and the lovely lady with even wait up to a month for you to complete it! What are you waiting for? :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

two for one!

Wow, when it rains it pours! I now have another two blog awards!!

Francine has awarded all her followers the Happily Ever After Award.

All you have to do is answer this question to qualify:
Which celebrity would you invite out for an evening of wining and dining?
my answer: Brendan Fraser. (i think this answer would surprise even my husband! I would have gone with David Boreanaz, but he is now a cheater!)

Julie Musil has awarded me this Versatile Blogger award so i need to reveal 7 random facts about myself. Although i think i have revealed enough, i will try to think of a few more :)
1. I have only been drinking coffee for the past 15 months
2. I have been having daily migraines for 15 months and the doctors can't find a reason why.
3. The coffee drinking helps lessen the headaches.
4. When i drink hot chocolate or lattes, i turn the cup with each sip so as not to leave any foam around the edge of the cup. Does that make me a little bit obsessive?
5. When i write i start with pen and paper in note form then progress to the computer.
6. Since having children i've discovered i have no patience!
7. I have a cat called Rascal and she is very aptly named!

I am awarding these to all my followers who would like these awards and don't have them yet :) Enjoy!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Blog Award!

Honest Scrap! Huh, who knew?
Well thanks Nicole!

So, um, ten things about me that you may not know, but that you may be interested to know....

1. I have a strong personality, but when it comes to conflict, i run! I hate it, i would rather write how i feel in a letter than argue face to face. It sure saves the arguments in our house, but it also means i'm always frustrated with the way things are done!
2. i never have enough time in the day to do all the things i want - so many craft things, cards, scrapbooks, sewing... i'm rather fond of doing crafts!
3. i did springboard and platform diving for 11 years. I think i can still do the splits :)
4. I have two beautiful, fiesty children who keep me on my toes! Check out my family blog!
5. I'm enrolling in an early childhood degree to start next year. This will be my back up incase i don't get published ;)
6. I would really love a great big St Bernard dog, but my husband doesn't like dogs! I fear i will never have a dog :( We had a small shaggy bitser when i was a child, called scruffy and i loved him to bits!
7. I often get so lost in my fiction world, i am annoyed with the 'real' world and wish it was the fiction world! With my family with me of course :)
8. I am lucky enough to stay at home and write two mornings a week while my kids are at kindy :) It is fantastic!
9. Um, i'm running of things i think you may want to know about me :)
I get my writing ideas from snippets of songs, random sentences spoken on the radio, dreams, a random thought in my head, and sometimes even a feeling!
10. I'm a list person. Everything is written down. What i'm going to do today, what we will pack when we go away, groceries....everything! I think that gives you an idea that i like to be organised or even i may be controlling. But if you looked at my house you would know i am really messy!! LOL

Okay so five awesome blogs i would like to award the Honest Scrap award to for, to me, being honest and open about what they blog about, are:


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Learning my Craft, take 2

Yes, my second book has arrived!

Manuscript Makeover - Elizabeth Lyon

from the barnes and noble website this is what the book contains:

Professional editor and author Elizabeth Lyon offers aspiring novelists the guidance and instruction they need to write and edit well-crafted and compelling stories that will stand out from the competition and attract the attention of agents and publishers, including:

- Stand-out style techniques, from accessing an authentic voice to applying techniques of "wordsmithing" that transform prose
- How to rewrite characterization for dimensionality, a universal need, and theme
- Adjustment suggestions to match the prose style and structure of specific genres
- Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style
- Strategies to strengthen story beginnings and endings
- Methods for increasing plot stakes, creating movement, and adjusting pace for maximum suspense
I don't remember where i saw this one, but it was from one of the blogs i follow and has been on my list of books to buy for ages. I can't wait to dive into this one! This sounds like it will help with re-writing and editing and i hope will just be wonderful!
Of course i will keep you posted with my thoughts :)

I'd still like to hear what books have helped you on your writing journey!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning my Craft

I'm so excited! I was given some money for my birthday so i used it to invest in my writing and have bought some writing books.

The first one arrived today: Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance.

I can't wait to dive in and have already read the contents pages and the introduction (can you tell i'm a bit of a geek?!).
Right off Kate has said she wants this book to help with my writing so she has intended this book to be like a workshop, with mini questions at the end of each chapter. So i thought as i read and take the notes as she advises, i would post them here so you can track my progress!

Of course i won't be doing that until i have finished editing my friend's novel or i will so busy i won't be able to think straight!

What books have you read to help shape your writing career?

From Kate's website - (i have a link to her site on my sidebar!) i got the information that the book contains and have included it below :), which is also in the book. I am really looking forward to it!

The book explains:

  • How to write emotion and create PTQ (page turning quality) in your novels
  • How to create conflict amidst your characters and why it is a major essential component in your novel.
  • Why dialogue is the lifeblood of your knowledge
  • How to make dialogue sound realistic
  • How to make your characters real
  • How to create the required sharp focus on your hero and heroine
  • How to develop supporting characters that work
  • Why flashbacks are important in some stories and how to create them in your novel.
  • Why sensuality is important and how you can develop sensuality between your hero and heroine
  • How to pace the development of the romance that is occurring between your hero and heroine
  • How to write the love scene between your hero and heroine and the importance of 'after'
  • The importance of the hero and his essential ‘vital vulnerability’.
  • The filter role of the heroine for the reader
  • The heroine’s 21st Century response to conflict
  • How to answer the question ‘why?’
Join me soon!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well i think this is a bit of a touchy subject for writers.
Touchy? Well maybe more of a concern :)
We have some great ideas, we put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and then we send it off to the publishers/agents and then the thought pops into our head - i'm not the only one right?! -
"Oh, my god! What if someone steals my story? Or my idea?"

The truth is that they are more than likely too busy to steal it! And if they have an idea they are just as likely to ask an author on their books to write a story about it.

My friend on her blog Damsel in a Dirty Dress, has done some research on copyright and she has some awesome links if you want to check this out in more detail.
She found these facts which she's kindly let me copy here:

Copyright automatically applies as soon as the work is put in material form – i.e written, performed, broadcast etc including works on an internet site.

Protects all works whether or not the copyright symbol is shown.

Prevents piracy and unauthorised use of works.

Lasts for the lifetime of the author PLUS fifty years from the end of the year of death.

So that is a bit of a relief!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Punctuation - a question?!

A friend and i have been having a friendly debate about correct usage of punctuation.
Where to place the full stop in the quotation marks to be specific. She found an interesting article.

Check out this link :

What do you think?
Personally, i use the US English way as this is what i was taught it look right and feels natural. I'm currently editing my friend's work and she is using the British way, so it is interesting trying to curb my inclination to change it!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Critique Partners

Okay, so i don't have one or belong to a writing group.
I am lucky enough to have a few friends willing enough to read my writing when ever i want or need some one to, even when i don't!
But i don't have the time to belong to a formal group.

I understand the benefits of having your work critiqued and learning from another viewpoint and then learning what others do with their work too.
With two young children, i find i'm struggling enough as it is just to get my own writing time in to find the time to read other's writing. I've been meaning to read my friend's awesome first novel, (check out her blog!) and feel bad that i haven't done so in a timely manner considering she's given me such great feedback on Secrets.

How do you find the time and do you get great benefit from CP's? How do you chose yours?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Writing related research

I didn't do any writing this morning, but did some just as important research.
It's my birthday on monday, not a big one, i'm only going to be 28 and my husband asked what i wanted. I really want a laptop, but as we recently got a Mac at Christmas i want a Macbook.

So this morning i trotted off to all the stores for some research.
After looking around, i came home and went online and back to the shiny ad on the apple website to the iPad.
I have decided...

I am going to get one of those. Just like Maisey Yates i am telling my husband, as he wants one too, i want an iPad complete with the kayboard, the keyboard dock, iPad dock, case, everything that comes with it!

Of course i won't get it until it comes to NZ, but i don't care.


check out the website for the rundown on it if you haven't already! You will be

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Isn't it funny!

You mention to a few people that you are writing a novel and suddenly they are all really interested it what you do.
They want to know the details.

How often do you write? - not often enough
What do you write? - Romance
Have you written lots? Are you hoping to be published? - of course! and i've completed one full length novel but yes written lots for many years but not complete stories.
How do you know what to write? - umm(??? how do you answer that one?)
How do you juggle the kids and housework? - um i just do...and i don't!
Wow, that's so interesting!
Do you get those questions and looks too?

Suddenly, everyday i'm asked how is the writing going. Which is good because it's prompting me to push myself too, motivating me to get to the keyboard more than the two mornings a week than i do at the moment, though it's still hard.
We're landscaping. And i have the kids and endless household chores, not to mention my health, but i am managing to get a bit of writing in every now and then outside of my Tuesday and Thursday morning kid free time slots.
Which reminds me to get back to it, seeing at it's Tuesday ;)