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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Writing Tip: Writing Time

In this busy time of study, kids homework, sports, housework etc, one writing tip i'd picked up during blog hopping has been glaring at me.

It is essential for the development of your craft, and indeed your sanity if you're anything like me and have to write!, to block out days or mornings or what ever time you can get on your calendar, and STICK TO IT!

Let people know that your writing time is not a negotiable hobby, but is important to you.
At the moment i've found it hard to do this as unfortunately everything else has been more important.
But, a friend and i are now getting together one whole day a week, the kids play together and we sit at the table with our laptops and immerse ourselves in our writing. It's not enough time really, but it is better than none.

How do you carve out precious writing time during your busy lives??


  1. Getting the kids together so you can both write is a really great idea Kerrin!

  2. That is an awesome plan!!

    Not a bad opportunity for a good cup of tea either!

    Have fun,