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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Describe this

Sorry i'm late! I'm bogged down with an assignment due midnight tonight, and i'm going to need most of the day!

Okay, we have a balloons over waikato festival every year and this is a photo my husband took of the dawn parade.
Have a shot at describing it, stretch those writing muscles ;D

As the dawn crept through the lightening sky, giving the landscape dark shape, a lone balloon drifted just above the trees. It's soft glow from the burners, it's shape thrown into contrast against the blueing bakdrop. Silent, still, lovely.

okay, now it's your turn!


  1. Stephanie looked out across the balcony. This was the sort of view that made the unexpected power cut romantic. Glass of wine in hand she lent back against the cool fabric of Mark's shirt, slightly crumpled from where it had fallen on the floor.

    The greenery around the getaway lake had faded into inky blackness. without the lights, their silhouette made plain against the nearly blackened sky. The faint blue tinge the only reminder of where the landscape fell. Soon it would be all faded into darkness. The lights from the hot air balloon the only light to be seen.

  2. I love your little snippets Sarah, so nice and i get so dragged in!