Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Invaluable friends

Having organised a playdate yesterday for my kids turned out to be very fruitful for my muse.
This playdate was with a friend, who also happens to be a budding writing. We discussed our current WIPS and she detected a weakness of motivation or reason in my story about friends with benefits.
Discussing deeper reasons for why my heroine does what she does, and my heroes refusal has cemented their conflict, their past and hopefully their HEA.

Don't you love friends who you can discuss your writing with, and they 'get' it?!
I only hope i'm as much of a help to her as she is to me!


  1. I hope that one day I'll have such a relationship, but there aren't many writers where I live. For now, it's all website meetings and email exchanges with CP's, which I treasure. Yep, writing friends are awesome.

  2. Oh, congratulations on having a friend like that! :) I'm still looking for one.