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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

weepy moments

How do you feel writing those moments that really tug on the heartstrings?
I find them the easiest to write, always have, even when i was at school.
Why am i asking this?
Today my son is 5 and it's his first day at school. I'm feeling emotional.
check out the photos from my family blog of one of my biggest weaknesses: My gorgeous little man!


  1. Ah Kerrin, such a special moment eh? My youngest turned five on Tuesday. First day at school! They grow up so quick eh?

  2. aw Jackie, your baby is a big kid now too!
    They up way too fast!! Did you see the pics of my boy? I can't believe how little he looks and now he's nearly a really big boy!

  3. ohh, the 1st day. That hurts. I remember.