Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


My husband came home last night - he's been away for a week for work! - and interrupted my plans to continue writing last evening. But i don't care!
I've missed him so much so the interruption was a good one!

Day 5 total: 889

Fav line: Cooper, passionate, hot, sexy as hell had turned into a cold, emotionless figure of himself.

Total so far for Nano: 4,400! with a few odd more words :)

I'm stoked! This is the most i've written in a week - sad isn't it?!
But the way i'm going this will be finished in no time!


  1. Hey Kerrin,

    Your novel got returned to me... the address didn't work. It took 3 days for yahoo mail to figure this

    anyway perhaps i am retarded at figuring out emails. Can you send me an email?? i'm still at the pixieleigh72@....


    anyway i am nearly over exams... so very very happy Friday are my last two!

    Chris and i move back out in a month to Ipswich. Getting pretty excited about being away form here i can tell you.