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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NaNo day 2

Word count today:1,376
First word: Damn
last word: door
Fav Line: (i have too many - or maybe i don't have any!)
Total Nano word count:  1,816

My word count is pitiful in comparison to some of the other NaNoers. Natalie Anderson, one of our very own published kiwis tapped out 4k! I'm going to have to be VERY disciplined to get that kind of word count per day.
But this is a great way to see how much others write daily and a great motivator too! I'm going to push for a much higher word count tomorrow - my day 3, lots of people's day 2.
Billie and Cooper finally had their night, with devastating results! Now Cooper has gone to fix it but found out Billie's big secret...I've left him about to knock on her door.
Oh i hope the words flow because it's getting really intense.
How are you all doing with your WIP's?

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  1. The year I did NaNo with Nat I managed a few 4Ks and boy was I tired by the end of it. I think you're doing fabulously! Poor Billie and Cooper!