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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yep, that's what i'm doing at the moment!
I had gone through and put a comment at the beginning of each chapter with a brief overview of what happens to the characters, their arcs etc and am now going through and trying to piece it together.
So far i'm up to two single spaced pages!
HMB like 2 double spaced pages, so this is going to be hard!

Do you have any tips you want to share about synopsis'?
I'll be posting some over the next week, stay tuned :)


  1. In the past it's always been 2 single spaced pages. When they talk about double spacing it's usually 5-7 pages. That should make it easier for you :)

  2. oh few! but are you sure? i thought during the editorial week they said 2 double spaced?
    I hope you're right because i honestly don't know how i'm going to cut it down! Everything i've included is the absolute minimum as it is :)

  3. Is this for the SYTYCW challenge? If it is, a Harlequin moderator suggests that the SYTYCW guidelines they mention 5-7 pages which was intepreted by a Harlequin moderator (Dee!) to be double spacing the usual 2-page-single-spaced synopsis.

    The following is the quote from Dee:

    "Going out on a limb here...While the challenge does say, the IDEAL synopsis is 5-7 pages, particularly for the shorter stories like Bites and Briefs and Undones, a shorter 2pg synop should be acceptable. Synops are often 2 pages, single spaced with double spaces between paragraphs or 5 pages double spaced, so feel free to choose.."

  4. okay thanks! will definitely be doing the 5 pages double spaced!!! :D