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Monday, November 1, 2010


A few of you probably already know what this is, for those who don't it means:
National Novel Writing Month. It should be INTERnational!

I've signed up this year through eHarlequin, basically because i can set my own goal instead of the 50k the real NaNo does.
You join the forum and check out how many words other are doing and get support and advice from the others in the community (I think!). I'll update as i go along.

It's 9pm on November 1st in NZ, i haven't written anything yet, but i'm guessing it's only morning in the UK - i think that's where eHarlequin are based.

Okay, so i'm about to get started and then will post my progress.
Good luck to those doing it! Should be fun - or at least get your story written :)

10pm added: 439 words tonight, pitiful, but i have a headache. Can't bear to stare at the screen any longer. Goodnight!
Words written today: 439
First line: With
Last line: mother
Fav line:

Quickly she gathered her clothes, moving in an elegant ballet of naked limbs and the scent of blueberries.

total NaNo words: 439.


  1. Hi,

    Enjoy NaNo. It's a great discipline tool, and you will meet likeminded souls and make new friends. I did it just for the hell of it NoNo's first year, and still have friends from it. I completed a 100,000 jobby that year


  2. wow Francine that's a great haul for a month! i did my 100k novel in a YEAR!!

  3. Hi,

    Yeah a lot of words, but with NaNo I shutdown my inner editor and went for gold. The edit afterwards brought it back to 80,000. Just write is the message of NaNo.


  4. Congrats on starting Kerrin! You can do it :)

  5. Hey Kerrin...

    do you still want me to edit your Secrets and lies... or is that copy out of date. i have about 6 chapters done and i woul dlike to send them to you just so you know what i'm doing. i'm back with time to do shit now so i might get a bit more done. It's looking good so far actually. It is the second time i have read the first 10 chapters or so, and i like it much better the second time. I found myself quietly chuckling all the way it actually a book that i think i would have bought in a shop had i seen it... :-)

    i think the first time was just a bit tricky as i have never read a friends work before.

    anyway what email do you want it to??
    Love Sarah

  6. Hey Sarah, that would be lovely! Once i'm finished this WIP i am diving in to edit Secrets so all the feedback would be wonderful!
    hearfields at vodafone dot co dot nz :)