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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Writing related research

I didn't do any writing this morning, but did some just as important research.
It's my birthday on monday, not a big one, i'm only going to be 28 and my husband asked what i wanted. I really want a laptop, but as we recently got a Mac at Christmas i want a Macbook.

So this morning i trotted off to all the stores for some research.
After looking around, i came home and went online and back to the shiny ad on the apple website to the iPad.
I have decided...

I am going to get one of those. Just like Maisey Yates i am telling my husband, as he wants one too, i want an iPad complete with the kayboard, the keyboard dock, iPad dock, case, everything that comes with it!

Of course i won't get it until it comes to NZ, but i don't care.


check out the website for the rundown on it if you haven't already! You will be


  1. Oh! So jealous! My ancient Toshiba nearly had a fit when we attempted to introduce it to the internet today. Its a definite no-go with the net *sigh* :)

    I wanna see lots of pics when you get it!!

  2. Oooo! Apparently Japan has created something that is exactly the same but is one hundred something dollars versus the thousand. I think it's called IPed? That way you can get shoes too :P

  3. My wife got a mac-book and loves it. No viruses. She has an undergrad in digital photography and is more able to work with that aspect of them.

  4. Happy Birthday for Monday, Kerrin.


  5. Oooh! Yay Kerrin! Do you have it yet?

  6. Oh yay! Kerrin, do you have it yet??? You have to do a blog post about it! Fun!