Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Isn't it funny!

You mention to a few people that you are writing a novel and suddenly they are all really interested it what you do.
They want to know the details.

How often do you write? - not often enough
What do you write? - Romance
Have you written lots? Are you hoping to be published? - of course! and i've completed one full length novel but yes written lots for many years but not complete stories.
How do you know what to write? - umm(??? how do you answer that one?)
How do you juggle the kids and housework? - um i just do...and i don't!
Wow, that's so interesting!
Do you get those questions and looks too?

Suddenly, everyday i'm asked how is the writing going. Which is good because it's prompting me to push myself too, motivating me to get to the keyboard more than the two mornings a week than i do at the moment, though it's still hard.
We're landscaping. And i have the kids and endless household chores, not to mention my health, but i am managing to get a bit of writing in every now and then outside of my Tuesday and Thursday morning kid free time slots.
Which reminds me to get back to it, seeing at it's Tuesday ;)


  1. How often do you write - not much am in proofing/polishing mode
    What do you write - whatever occurs to me at the time
    Have you written lots - i've gone from finding 1 page a challenge to completing a 500+ page manuscript. In my book that means I've written TONS ;p
    How do you know what to write - i write my daydreams or real dreams (just not the one where I played pick-up-sticks with an elephant..)
    How do you juggle kids & housework - HA! Me breed?? Not very likely, I let my friends do that so I can give'em back ;p and housework, well I'm incredibly blessed to have a v. pedantic partner (i.e. he cleans *yippee*)

    and good luck with the current mudbath *grin*

  2. Nicole what a hoot! pick up sticks with an elephant - that would have been so funny!! thanks re the mudbath, it makes it interesting wadding to the washing line ;)

  3. Ah Kerrin.. The truly funny part is.. no one except my parents / sisters and my best friend, know that I write.

    Strange, but true :( So I have never been battered with a single question, let alone so many... !

  4. Wow, Ju really? How do you keep it a secret? don't you just want to burst out sometimes and tell someone, "oh, i'm, a writer. I write romance."
    Sometimes i do it to see the expression on their face and wonder what their first question will be!

  5. Hi,

    I'm running par with Ju.

    I don't mention writing, but if someone asks:

    "what do you do all day when hubby's away" being as I'm a housewife (posh for idle muse)my reply:

    writing, gardening, whatever takes my fancy.

    Of course inevitably the questioner pursues the writing: 'What sort of writing?"

    Answer: just dabbling, nothing important, might right a novel someday!

    I never mention I have and have been published. I just don't want to spend entire evening/afternoon in good company talking about myself and my writing!

    Promotional work I prefer to handle in a remote kind of way (Internet/radio etc)and that way I can walk into the local post-office village shop and a town supermarket totally incognito!



    BTW: dong a male blond fest at my blog to see if blond heroes have gone out of fashion and whether writers in the HM&B network can see themselves getting down and sexy with a blond hero.

  6. A lot of people don't know I write and they certainly don't know I write steamy romance at that. With my first book due to come out at the end of the month I guess that's going to change LOL. The people I have told are all very interested as you point out. My theory? Everyone I've told seems to think they too could write a book. I've had the comment 'oh, I'm going to write a book one day'. Ah, OK, when? People seem to also think it's 'easy' to write a book. I've told 2 women I'm writing romance and they've both said they wrote a romance when they were younger and could dust it off and send it in to be published. Ah, I don't think so. I think romance is incredibly difficult. What's more complex than the growing relationship between a man and a woman? I think I could more easily write a dramatic story where there is not a happy ending. The 'how do you know what to write' cracked me up. Do any of us know where our ideas truly come from?

    Do as much as you can writing wise. We all have our parallel challenges. Writing is such a solitary thing. It's you and the computer and a lot of white space. All you can do is try and fill as much of it at a time as possible! Best!!