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Thursday, June 24, 2010

two for one!

Wow, when it rains it pours! I now have another two blog awards!!

Francine has awarded all her followers the Happily Ever After Award.

All you have to do is answer this question to qualify:
Which celebrity would you invite out for an evening of wining and dining?
my answer: Brendan Fraser. (i think this answer would surprise even my husband! I would have gone with David Boreanaz, but he is now a cheater!)

Julie Musil has awarded me this Versatile Blogger award so i need to reveal 7 random facts about myself. Although i think i have revealed enough, i will try to think of a few more :)
1. I have only been drinking coffee for the past 15 months
2. I have been having daily migraines for 15 months and the doctors can't find a reason why.
3. The coffee drinking helps lessen the headaches.
4. When i drink hot chocolate or lattes, i turn the cup with each sip so as not to leave any foam around the edge of the cup. Does that make me a little bit obsessive?
5. When i write i start with pen and paper in note form then progress to the computer.
6. Since having children i've discovered i have no patience!
7. I have a cat called Rascal and she is very aptly named!

I am awarding these to all my followers who would like these awards and don't have them yet :) Enjoy!!


  1. Funny Kerrin. I always thought I had no patience and then I had kids and realised I had some after all. It comes and goes though. ;-)

  2. YAAAYYY more awards!! OOh so exciting!

    And good choice :) I'd pick Brendon Fraser too - love watching him in The Mummy...mmm

  3. I'm now considering turning my cup after ever sip if that makes you feel better ;)

    Bad news about the headaches though. I hope they disappear for you soon!

  4. Hey Kerrin :) Congrats on the deluge of awards.. Next week, look out for my three in one ;)

    I wish my writing would yield some deluge of words..for now, still picking and prodding at a very stubborn WIP.

    Nice to know many interesting facts.. Brendon Frazer - uh ? I loved him in Mummy (part 1) and in George of the jungle.. :)

    I have also had migraines since long..I have learnt to recognize the symptoms and have half a painkiller always handy, just in case. Just look out for some stuffs like a particular food item (chinese food sometimes causes this due to the MSG content) or being with "too wet" hair for a long time or not eating on time.. I also get it when exposed to sounds (even loud music) or if I watch TV for a long stretch of time..

    Didn't mean to flood the post..but well, now that I have written, let them be.. Hopefully, some info could be used..

  5. Brendan Fraser is one my wife too enjoys the eye candy of. She said the girls in her college dorm use to watch the George of the Jungle movie all the time.