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Monday, June 14, 2010


Well i think this is a bit of a touchy subject for writers.
Touchy? Well maybe more of a concern :)
We have some great ideas, we put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and then we send it off to the publishers/agents and then the thought pops into our head - i'm not the only one right?! -
"Oh, my god! What if someone steals my story? Or my idea?"

The truth is that they are more than likely too busy to steal it! And if they have an idea they are just as likely to ask an author on their books to write a story about it.

My friend on her blog Damsel in a Dirty Dress, has done some research on copyright and she has some awesome links if you want to check this out in more detail.
She found these facts which she's kindly let me copy here:

Copyright automatically applies as soon as the work is put in material form – i.e written, performed, broadcast etc including works on an internet site.

Protects all works whether or not the copyright symbol is shown.

Prevents piracy and unauthorised use of works.

Lasts for the lifetime of the author PLUS fifty years from the end of the year of death.

So that is a bit of a relief!


  1. *lol* it's hilarious how paranoid we writers are!! I know the feeling *grin* hence the research.

  2. Hey Kerrin, Hey Nicole..

    It's funny you should say about how paranoid you are... but i would be terrified that if i put up on a blog any info about what i was writng that someone would come along and go..."oh lovely plot... i could write something like that" they publish first and your story is left out in the cold!!

    proving ownership might be very difficult then.

    I'm writing two things at the moment (a kids collection of short stories and an adult historical fiction) I am stalled at them moment till i have done sufficient research. (Am doing a new research blog at the moment but it isn't "live" yet..

    Are you guys worried about that??

    i don't know if i should start a blog about my actual work (rather than this research blog)

    What do you think??

    any comments??

  3. I just tweeted about a call for romance submissions. Let me find it! Ok, here it is:

  4. Thanks Julie, that will help once i have finished! of course i can send in a sample and hurry up :)

  5. WEll constance, you have the dates on your blog, and then your idea is your idea. But if someone takes it, they won't tell it quite like you!
    You will have your own characters with their own quirks. Their own conflicts and motivations, and if you are anything like me, you will tend to change things as you write because things don't work or new things come to you - lightbulb moments!
    No worries!

  6. Yes, Kerrin, hurry! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and good luck with your work.

  7. I guess so,

    Maybe i will later on. I need to get this dammn exam (tomorrow) out of the way. I then have sooooooo much work to do writing, researching, embroidering....

    You are right, i just hate the thought of being duped :-) perhaps it is more the fear that they will think it sounds stupid!

    anyway will get the research blog up then decide if i post about the projects. They are both still really in outline stage. about 1000 words written on the short stories (about 3 years ago) and 5000 or so on the novel. So really not much to show.

    I think i have already asked you if you want me to send my opinions on Secrets and Lies as one big one at the end..or chapter by chapter... I ahve started chapter by chapter using the track changes button to add notes. is this what you want? or not. Let me know. :-)up to chapter 5.

  8. Hi Kerrin, Nicole,

    Copyright.. I did wonder about it and realized that, there is always a catch.. Not even published works are safe in this age / era !

    Even our original story could be a look-alike to someone else's...

    Only thing is, we have to keep plugging away, hoping that our idea isn't too similar to someone else's and hoping that others don't choose one that is too similar to ours..

    And be careful, of course!

  9. hey Pix, either is fine, if you have done track changes that is awesome!! will go with that :)

  10. coolies, have done track changes (more in parts when i was more energetic and less in others) If you like i can send you them as i go, or all together at the end. If i send in bits, then i won't loose them like i did last time. (most upsetting doing work and it going "poof".)

    won't be today, still studying for exam :-)

    probably can send you between 5-10 chapters by end of the week??

  11. Hi,

    Well there's one thing where copyright doesn't exist and that's in titles = they are not copyrighted.

    As for stolen plots: don't ever post a full synopsis online, nor book blurb type snippets.

    Snips from novels may spark an idea but any end product will be different, though it might be advisable to use different names in the snip rather than the names actually used within the novel.

    If you've posted a snippet for a blogfest etc,. which attracts quite a lot of attention remove after a week or two: if you're really paranoid!! ;)

  12. the way i figure it it, even if someone steals my idea, the way we'd each handle it would be completely different. You give two writers the same prompt, they each come up with a unique idea.
    idea theft has never been a real worry of mine

  13. thanks for that tip Francine!
    You are so right Falen!
    Pix, whatever and whenever my dear, i'm in no hurry, I'm editing Nicoles at the mo and working on Ten nights so Secrets is on a stand still! No hurry :)