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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Blog Award!

Honest Scrap! Huh, who knew?
Well thanks Nicole!

So, um, ten things about me that you may not know, but that you may be interested to know....

1. I have a strong personality, but when it comes to conflict, i run! I hate it, i would rather write how i feel in a letter than argue face to face. It sure saves the arguments in our house, but it also means i'm always frustrated with the way things are done!
2. i never have enough time in the day to do all the things i want - so many craft things, cards, scrapbooks, sewing... i'm rather fond of doing crafts!
3. i did springboard and platform diving for 11 years. I think i can still do the splits :)
4. I have two beautiful, fiesty children who keep me on my toes! Check out my family blog!
5. I'm enrolling in an early childhood degree to start next year. This will be my back up incase i don't get published ;)
6. I would really love a great big St Bernard dog, but my husband doesn't like dogs! I fear i will never have a dog :( We had a small shaggy bitser when i was a child, called scruffy and i loved him to bits!
7. I often get so lost in my fiction world, i am annoyed with the 'real' world and wish it was the fiction world! With my family with me of course :)
8. I am lucky enough to stay at home and write two mornings a week while my kids are at kindy :) It is fantastic!
9. Um, i'm running of things i think you may want to know about me :)
I get my writing ideas from snippets of songs, random sentences spoken on the radio, dreams, a random thought in my head, and sometimes even a feeling!
10. I'm a list person. Everything is written down. What i'm going to do today, what we will pack when we go away, groceries....everything! I think that gives you an idea that i like to be organised or even i may be controlling. But if you looked at my house you would know i am really messy!! LOL

Okay so five awesome blogs i would like to award the Honest Scrap award to for, to me, being honest and open about what they blog about, are:



  1. So are you like Siany, Loi & I when you see the werewolves on twilight? "Awwwww za big puppies" smoochy noises included *lol*

    You used to amaze me when you pushed up from sitting into a handstand. I was SO envious *grin*

  2. Aw, thank you so much! :) I get lost in my fiction worlds too - maybe a little too much. :D

  3. thx for sharing.

    I was a diver too, many, many, moons ago.

    You seem driven and well organized, which is what it takes to get the writing done. I am rooting for you.

    My wife and I have never had a dog. We both work and are too busy. The pet would suffer neglect and it would not be fair. She has on occasion come close to pursuing an adoption of a child though. As the leader of our relationship, she is free to make any decision she feels appropriate. I am her follower in every respect and enjoy living in her servitude.

    Congratulations on the award.


  4. Nicole - ah no i'm more like droll at Jacob, the others weren't that hot!
    Bethany, no probs!
    SH, i admire your decision and dedication to your wife, Obviously you get out of if what you put in, I also really like your blog!

  5. Oh, thanks heaps, Kerrin! Was wondering what I'm going to blog about. Now I know.:-) Better put my thinking cap on...

  6. Wow, thanks, Kerrin. I'm a list person too! I'm on vacation at the moment, but will come up with mine when I'm back!! Loved learning more about you!

  7. Yay to being a list person! I think we have to compensate by being messy, it keeps the universe in balance ;)

  8. it sure does lacey, it sure does!!
    Lists are fantastic, i think it helps us try to sort out the mess Kaily, or at least pretend to make me think i'm on top of it ;)
    Glad i could help Jackie!

  9. Hi,


    Wow, awards are every where!

    There's another on mine up or grabs but it does have strict criteria atached!!

    I'm thrilled by it and who awarded it!

    See my blog


  10. Kerrin, now I have something for you at my blog!

  11. Hi Kerrin,

    There's an HEA Award at my blog for you because you were one of the first to join up with me on blogger!

    It's a simple "pass-to-one-other" romantic writer award and only one question to answer!