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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning my Craft

I'm so excited! I was given some money for my birthday so i used it to invest in my writing and have bought some writing books.

The first one arrived today: Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance.

I can't wait to dive in and have already read the contents pages and the introduction (can you tell i'm a bit of a geek?!).
Right off Kate has said she wants this book to help with my writing so she has intended this book to be like a workshop, with mini questions at the end of each chapter. So i thought as i read and take the notes as she advises, i would post them here so you can track my progress!

Of course i won't be doing that until i have finished editing my friend's novel or i will so busy i won't be able to think straight!

What books have you read to help shape your writing career?

From Kate's website - (i have a link to her site on my sidebar!) i got the information that the book contains and have included it below :), which is also in the book. I am really looking forward to it!

The book explains:

  • How to write emotion and create PTQ (page turning quality) in your novels
  • How to create conflict amidst your characters and why it is a major essential component in your novel.
  • Why dialogue is the lifeblood of your knowledge
  • How to make dialogue sound realistic
  • How to make your characters real
  • How to create the required sharp focus on your hero and heroine
  • How to develop supporting characters that work
  • Why flashbacks are important in some stories and how to create them in your novel.
  • Why sensuality is important and how you can develop sensuality between your hero and heroine
  • How to pace the development of the romance that is occurring between your hero and heroine
  • How to write the love scene between your hero and heroine and the importance of 'after'
  • The importance of the hero and his essential ‘vital vulnerability’.
  • The filter role of the heroine for the reader
  • The heroine’s 21st Century response to conflict
  • How to answer the question ‘why?’
Join me soon!


  1. Hi Kerrin! Nice to meet you and your blog! Thanks for following me.
    I feel like I should have bought a book on writing a long time ago but I only looked at them AFTER my first MS. Needless to say, they're helpful!
    I hope this one works for you. Looks like it has a lot of good pointers!

  2. way to go to treat yourself. you deserve it. enjoy.


  3. yes really looking forward to it, it really is a great incentive to get cracking, oh and the fact that Nicole's story is fabulous ;)!!

  4. Kate's book is really great! Money very well spent ;) If Kate's is the first does that mean there are others?

  5. yes i got two, the other one is Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyons. I can't remember whose blog i heard about it from but it's been on my list for ages!