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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Edit, edit, edit. I think i have had just about enough of editing. This is my second in-depth edit of S&L and i have only 3 chapters to go.
It is going to be relief to have that finished. How i dread the prospect of possibly having to do another one if i am successful with submissions.

But then there is the added advantage of having a fresh opinion on a turn of phrase or paragraph that i may not have gotten quite right. And those same fresh eyes will see errors that even the most careful edit can't see when it is yours.

Of course there is the point that i do want it perfect in the event it gets to print. There would be nothing worse than picking up a freshly published novel and finding an error greater than a spelling error (You still find those even in your favourite authors new book!). Edit, edit, edit until it is the best it could possibly be.
Remember too, you don't have to take on the opinion or suggestions of an editor, it is your own work and you have final say.

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