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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Short Story, Part 3

We shared a dinner in the hotel bar, now crowded and warm. Dan filled the gaps from the last time I saw him until now as we ate.
“I’m between jobs. Taking a break you know?” I did know. “Private Investigator. Just finished a job up North. Husband couldn’t find his wife.” I choked on my pasta. “Poor man. She didn’t want to come back when I found her. Shame. He was a nice bloke.”
Michael was a nice bloke. Loving, attentive, solid. Why am I here?
He paid for dinner. I’d insisted I could pay my own but was glad he’d held firm. The three thousand on my credit card wasn’t going to last too long. I didn’t know who long I’d be away or how much money I’d need.
We strolled down the side walk bathed in the bright lights doing their best to caste away the black night, and stopped at a fountain lit like fairy dust. Jenny and Beth would have been delighted. Caleb would have said it was boring but I know he would have liked it too. I turned to smile at my husband but the hair, eyes, everything was wrong.
If Dan noticed my confusion he didn’t mention it just took my suddenly cold hand in his warm one and we continued down the busy street. At the bridge overlooking the river he drew me close and I burrowed into his warm jacket accepting the comfort I hadn’t realised I craved. His body felt wrong.
“We should go back. You’re tired.”
I nodded pleased and we made our way slowly back, with me tucked under his arm.

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