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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Manuscript Critique

The most wanted feedback on my novel just came in. It is a thousand times different from the feedback i got from family and friends. Family and friends are generally not writers and don't know all the writers stuff that a professional writer does but their feedback is still invaluable. From how they select a book - is the synopsis compelling enough? - whether the first page, or first paragraph confirms they just have to read on! and down to whether or not they couldn't put it down. I was lucky enough to have everyone say they couldn't put it down.

Cool. So, i can tell a story well.

That's what my critique said too. There is invaluable information in the critique as to whether or not the story worked in the genre i was aiming for - romance. Apparently i am on the cusp of fantasy and romance so, cool, i need to tweak this and perhaps consider making my novel in the real world. Which means research into possible eras for it to fit as i cannot see my characters in cars and apartments. But that's okay i can do that. The critique also gave an insight on point of view problems. Making the reader nauseous (though none of my readers said this happened) by head hopping is not good and i will definately look into this further, considering it is an apparent flag to amatuerism!

I recommend all writer's new and experienced definately invest in a manuscript critique - it's not an edit. It's an overview of what works and what needs work for it be successful, and considered for publication. Then it would be edited. I would suggest contacting Rob Parnell from The Easy Way To Write, he is wonderful and honest. thanks Rob!

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