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Monday, October 3, 2011

Writing Tip: Sex scenes!

Yes i said SEX.
If you read romance, and i assume that you do, you know what you like to read and what you don't like to read - and again i'm assuming you don't like the porn version of sex scenes filled with all the dirty details.

You love Romance, which means sensuality in the sex scenes. You need to write more about the emotions and what is going on inside the characters head.

Here is a great post from the Mills and Boon website by Flo Nicoll last year for the New Voices comp, but no less relevant today! So, Let's Talk about Sex and remember the emotion, not the gritty details ;)


  1. besides oral sex, or going down on, can you think of good way of saying giving a women an orgasm via oral? I have struggled with that often. I go down on my wife a lot and posting about it in the blog gives me pause cause I do not know of a way of refering to it in normal terms. I thought perhaps a women romance writer could give me a clue.



  2. Hi SH, what a topic, but let's see if this helps:

    pleasuring with his mouth?

    loving her with his tongue?

    or you just allude to travelling down her belly until sensations rocked her at the core with his talented mouth?? (from her perspective!)

    Hope that helps!
    Anyone else have any suggestions?

  3. Hmm, that SH! Anyway Kerrin thanks for the link. I checked it out as I don't like writing sex scenes and I'm struggling to do one for a short story collection. I'm glad to see it's okay not to go into every detail.

    Congrats on your comments on your NV Ch 1. Yes, it is nice when someone likes your work as is, but I also always expect someone to suggest ways to improve it.

    It's been sometime since you posted for RFWer. Are you going to post some more soon? This week we had quite a few return from various busyness.


  4. Oh, thanks for posting this! I've been out of the HQN/M&B loop for the last month in my frenzy. Even though I write a lot of um, sex, I still have a few spots in my MS where I just write "they have sex here" and come back to it later...