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Friday, October 7, 2011

Romantic Friday Writers - Rock Candy

After reading through the description given as a prompt for this weeks theme, and doing some research, i've decided to go with my own interpretation of Rock Candy!

"Geez, look at the size of that rock!"
"Tor, that is amazing."
As her friends exclaimed over the shiny bit of rock candy on her ring finger Tori couldn't help the fearful gulp that rose in her throat.
Whenever she'd dreamed of an engagement ring, it has been a small thing. Small, elegant and inconspicuous. Not at all like the heavy, huge rock Max had slipped on her finger that morning.
Monique seemed to catch on to her mood and twined an arm around Tori's and covered the hand with her own. Tori gripped her friend's hand and plastered a smile on her face.
"It's nice. It is. It's just-"
"Not you." 
Tori's sigh wavered and she caught herself before letting the barrier drop. It was wonderful at times to have friends who knew you so well.
Monique rubbed Tori's back and she leant her head on her friend's shoulder, unable to take her gaze from their joined hands, which covered the symbol of something that should have been the best thing in her life. She was engaged.
Monique released her grip and turned the giant diamond until it glinted in the sun. "At least, you'd never lose it." She laughed, "You'd know right away if it was gone. The glare from the sun would be the first warning."
Tori shook her head, "No, it would be the loss of the weight." This time she couldn't stop her laugh from turning into the choking sob.
"It's okay, Tor." Lizzie put her arm around Tori and her friends hugged her from two sides.
"How can it be okay?" She stared at the symbol of love and forever and felt instead the weight of duty and entrapment.
Tori felt, rather than saw her friends look at each other behind her head. 
"I'm sure if you told him-"
"No." Interrupting her friend before she could continue, she shut off her own wishes. Again. "It's part of who i am. Who i will be." If only it wasn't all about duty, and about the love and passion they'd shared instead. "It's tradition."

348 words. MCA


  1. Oh no! "she shut off her own wishes" - this isn't a happy ending for her. Great piece and a great take on the theme. There is a big story here, are you going to write a longer tale? I's want to read it if you did.

  2. Oh that is sad, such conflict in her heart. Great take on the theme.

  3. Hi,

    Great opening, and an out-of-the-box take on Rock Candy! Clever you...

    Lordy, tradition eh. Sounds as though it's too big to lose down a sink-grinder plughole. Nothing for it but to have it stolen! It'll be insured for sure... And who knows, the loss of the ring might make the giver think it was OTT in the first place. ;)


  4. Ah, Tor seems accepting of the role she has to play when she should be head-over-heels happay about being engaged. Proof again that material things don't make us happy.

  5. So sad. I hope love wins out in the end. I agree with Margo, this feels like a bigger story.
    N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author

  6. I like your take on rock candy. Tori is in for a world of hurt if she doesn't find a way to lose that thing and be with the man she really loves.

  7. The ultimate rock candy! Love the conflicted feelings. Just a couple of minor points--
    Joint hands = joined hands ?
    Also, not sure how a sigh wavers

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone :) And yes this is part of a larger story it's my Princess story which is currently in first draft - i'm about 10% through! But the bits i write for the RFW is giving me great little snippets for the scenes further along in the story :)
    @Sceherazade - yep should be joined hands, Thanks!

  9. Dear Kerrin,
    I love your text! What an original take on the Rock Candy-theme! So clever.

    And now my advice to your main character: GIVE IT BACK!! Return that ring! DO IT NOW! Get un-engaged to that man! He is NOT for you! Life is too precious to waste it on a man you will hate!

    Best wishes,

    Anna's RFWers' Challenge No. 22-'Rock Candy'

  10. Hello again!
    Blogger ate up my comment, so I will try one more time:
    How old are your children? Are you able to work regular hours? Do they go to school, so you have some 'office-hours'?
    I hope your work goes well with this text; I look forward to reading the entire novel.
    Best wishes,