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Monday, June 20, 2011

Would you pass up a free book?

Well neither are hundreds of other people!
The Arrival by Nicole MacDonald is FREE on amazon in kindle!
If you were unsure if you wanted to buy it before, now is your chance to get it for free - nothing lost, if it's not your thing. But, i can tell you that you will enjoy it!

The Blurb:

Cat, Kassie, Sian and Loi are anything but damsels in distress.  Fed up with a lack of decent male specimens they cast a love spell in the hopes of finding their soul-mates. And inadvertently land themselves on another planet. Oops.

The Arrival, follows the girls' adventures as they stumble through a foreign and often hostile world where humans are NOT at the top of the food chain. Friendships are forged and love teeters on the horizon while the threat of civil war looms thanks to the girls' very unexpected 'gifts'.  Will the girls master these gifts in time to survive a war in which, not only are they the ultimate weapons, but also the ultimate prize.

Go on! Grab your copy today, and don't forget to help Nicole out by posting a review on Amazon, or drop by her blog and tell her your thoughts!

And, if you like it, you will be pleased to know Nicole has nearly finished her first draft of the sequel The Awakening!


  1. This sounds like a fabulous read! However I don't have a Kindle ;)

  2. Anonymous20 June, 2011

    Oh, I just ordered a Kindle like two seconds ago. Perfect timing, I'll have to download it when my Kindle arrives. :)

  3. Hi Trisha, if you have another sort of e-reader then The Arrival is on Smashwords for free at the moment too :)

    And I hope you enjoy it Madeline! Both your kindle *swoon* and my book *grin* I'm so in love with my kindle, best purchase ever!

    Thanks so much for this Kerrin :)

  4. Trisha - i don't either! But i downloaded Kindle for Mac for free from Amazon. I'm sure you can do the same for any computer!