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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday - and a contest!

It's my birthday in 6 days (June7) and i'm excited!

I always feel like a kid when it's my birthday and i don't care that i'm going to be another day older!
The kids are excited and have been making me cards for a week now - i'm going to have so many lovely things to put away - and i hope i don't have to cook dinner on that day.

Do you like birthdays? Yours?
What's the most memorable birthday you have had?

I'll check the comments right up until the 7th then draw out a random winner for a special surprise from NZ! (Will obviously contact you for address!)


  1. Hi Kerrin. I share a birthday with John Lennon. My birthdays were never memorable. I never made a big thing of it, but after John Lennon was shot every birthday is memorable, as I think, John would have been...old today. So sad. It makes me thankful for every passing year. You just never know...

    Happy Birthday to You on June 7!!!!


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  2. Birthdays are AWESOME! :)
    My most memorable birthday was probably when I was six. Mom made me a tea-party birthday, complete with beautiful cake, dress up, and professional photographs. It was a huge effort, but a fantastic birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Mine's on the 5th. Lucky Geminis eh? Hope yours is a good one!

  4. L'Aussie no i haven't checked it out, but i sure will, thanks!
    Bethany wow that sounds like an awesome party!
    Jackie - my mother in law is on the 6th. Very nice few days in June! Happy birthday for you on the 5th!!

  5. Happy early birthday! Hope you have a great weekend! Mine's in November...

  6. HB Kerrin. ;-}

    I share a B-Day With Martin Luther King Jr., the U.S. Civil Rights Leader. They made a national holiday for his birthday, but do not celebrate it on his birthday for some unknown reason. If they had, I would of had a vacation day on my birthday every year. Oh well.

    Most memorable, I think it was my ninth. There was a bad snow storm coming down about an inch per hour. I still had a party, but we were snowed in and things came to a standstill. My friends and I had a fun time playing in the snow I remember. It snowed so much that you could walk up onto the garage roof on the snow. We built forts which when there is that much snow consists of tunnels through the snow. Also had snowball fights.


    As far as cooking on your birthday, as a submissive, I actually look forward to being relegated to service tasks on Father's day and my birthday. Also, other D/s things that I will leave to your imagination.

    Anyway, hope your husband steps up and gives you a mini vacation that day. Take care.

  7. Hi Kerrin,

    Hee hee, have a great birthday shall pop back to hear the news of the big day! Leave a recipe book lying round: hint hint for dinner!!

    Welcome to RFW!


  8. Happy Birthday, Kerrin. Hope you've had a wonderful day!