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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Holiday = unproductive writing-wise

So i've had three weeks holiday between semesters and you'd have thought i would have capitalised on the opportunity to write? Right?!

Nope. For the first week, i read three books on my TBR (To be read) pile. Second week i did a bit of housework (a very little bit!), and read two more books.

And this week that's sped by superfast? I DID do some writing, but only on Monday. After fluffing about reading what i'd previously written and making some minor changes, i think i managed about 600 words.
But, i did some critiquing. Have read through some of Nicole MacDonald's second book in her trilogy, and people! It gets so much better! Promises the same unique POV style that is only Nicole, more tension, more fantastical animals, more twists, more everything! I am prowling my inbox for the next part!!

Tomorrow starts my last week of the break, so i am going to write everyday! Then send off my stuff to critique partners and friends for feedback so far.

What do you do when you have a break? Write, read? Nothing?
Sometimes it is great to do nothing. I think i was mostly trying to stay away from the computer. My early childhood study course is online - we have to have a presence every day, so yeah. I was getting away from the computer. But, back to it this week...


  1. Yeah, whenever I'm on hols I tend to do way less writing. Like on the weekends I tend to slack off ;)

  2. Hi Kerrin,

    All the best with you meeting your goals for this week!

  3. Don't beat yourself up, Kerrin. You need to take time to rest during the semester breaks or you'll burn out. You'll get plenty done this week.

  4. I always plan to write a lot on holidays, but I always do more during my regular time. Now holiday's are for day dreaming (aka plotting).

    Great blog you have here!