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Monday, September 27, 2010

Top Ten are in!!!!

Go and check out the Top Ten!
Sadly i didn't make it, but that won't stop me from polishing my first three chapters and writing the dreading synopsis and sending that in the normal route.
I'm also going to read those top ten chapters and see if i can spot the 'magic' that editors were looking for!
Congrats top ten!!!


  1. thanks SH, but there were some really good ones there too! you never know i may still get an email later, i may have caught their eye! It has been known to happen!!

  2. Fingers crossed for the eye catching Kerrin! I'm so glad you're going to go ahead and submit the ol' fashioned way :)

  3. what about you? your chapter was awesome! Do you have chapters 2 and 3 to submit and old fashioned way??

  4. I'm finishing a useless degree of many thousand dollars and I have to dive straight back into it :( I won't be able to go back to my MS until the end of November *strop* ;)

    Let us know when you send that partial!

  5. Good luck Lacey! I sure will!!