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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Fabulous Lacey's Chapter!

Lacey Devlin has been so awesome as to create the awesome badge on my sidebar for the New Voice's competition. Many of the entrants for the comp have snagged themselves one and Lacey has created a 'Wall of Fame' on her blog, letting every one know the name of their entry a brief rundown of the chapter and of course the author's name.
But what about her own?
She silently slipped it in without telling anyone!
Misbehaving with the Retail Magnate features an internationally renowned blogger heroine and hot hero named Cooper (how could i not love him, he shares the same name as my own!). This chapter is so good! You have to check it out!!
Well done Lacey, and Good Luck :)


  1. I'm sneaky ;).

    Thanks so much for posting me Kerrin! I was pretty chuffed when I realised our heroes were going to share the same name (if I managed to enter). Great minds think alike and all that ;).

    Thanks Kerrin!

  2. I love it! never saw it coming how your Cooper propositions your heroine, and how you close your chapter? such a tease!!

  3. Lacey's chapter is amazing, isn't it. And both Coopers are great.