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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monthly Book Review - Overdue!

Wow, i forgot to do this last month!
I've just finished Good Girl or Gold-Digger? by Kate Hardy and it is fabulous!
Usually a Harlequin Presents - M&B Modern contains a really alpha male, but Felix doesn't come across so arrogant and it is a welcome change. Her hero's are so subtle.
And i just love her daisies scene! You have to read this one to find out what i mean, i'm going to remember this one for a very long time.

oh - and is anyone else checking their emails every fifteen minutes just hopeing they have got a message from New Voices, with the smallest chance they have made it to the Top Ten???


  1. sounds hot.

    I read one today, but it was fem/dom. It was cool. Luckily I had a chastity device on. Wife is out of town and wont be back for a few hours. It is nice to be under lock and key.



  2. You can't go wrong with Kate!

  3. So crossing my fingers for you K :) Would be neat!!