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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alpha issue

Do you think baking is too feminine?
All along it has been clear to me that my hero is a fabulous cook, so it makes sense that he would bake but as yet it hasn't come up in my WIP, but i am coming to a scene where he is going to be in the kitchen and i want to know.... do you think it is too wimpy for an alpha male to make blueberry muffins?

The smell of blueberries haunts him, it is the scent that Billie wears mixed with florals in her perfume and it compels Cooper to make muffins. Do you think it would be better to have the muffins already made and on the bench rather than have him whipping them up?
I am planning on him cooking her a fabulous feast later on that leads to dessert not of the food variety, well he hopes so anyway ;)
What are your thoughts?


  1. Hey, if as you say, you are going to have a kitchen scene later on, better have the muffins ready and him reminisce (in a line or two) about how baking them didn't equal to the pleasure of being with her. As opposed to earlier times, when baking this gave him ultimate calmness..

    Why I want him to have the muffins and reminisce is cos.. in later scene.. you can have the heroine admire his kitchen to how his hands moved ;) and how will it be on her etc.. as he tosses in the ingredients for the muffins..

    Just my thoughts on it :) Hope it made sense..

  2. All in the execution, Kerrin. I read one Modern where the hero grew roses so anything is possible.

  3. Hi,

    Let him be himself. If baking blueberry muffins is his thing, better she turn up early and catch him floured up.

    Think of the fun of his incriminating fingerprints on a little black dress! ;)


  4. I've had some great comments from facebook too, such as Cooper making a cheesecake or a torte instead of muffins and perhaps doing this in just a chefs hat and apron ;) hehe but maybe that is just too raunchy haha!! but i do like the torte or cheesecake angle so may give that a go!

  5. I think a man who's good in the kitchen, wrapped up in a red hot alpha body, would be most women's dream.

    Go for it, Kerrin.