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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Been Absent

I've been absent from writing this week, having a few issues health wise but writing is never far from my mind - how could it be :) i was born to write! - and Billie and Cooper really do want their HEA!
I haven't written a single word this week, not a one. I feel bad, but i have played around with a few scenes in my head, sorted out a few scenarios and conflicts, maybe built things a bit stronger for when i get back into it.
Which i hope to do really soon. Don't think it will be this week though. Have a few things that need doing around the house but who knows, once my daughter finally succumbs to sleep this afternoon i could get in a few hundred words? That would be nice.
But we'll see.
Hope everyone else is going well. The weather here in Hamilton, NZ is a bit drizzly as Autumn is settling in. I love the colours of the leaves, but not the white sky. Looking forward to when winter truly settles in and we can cuddle up by the warm fire :)
Keep Writing!


  1. Kerrin, hope you're feeling better! And don't beat yourself up. Sometimes the fingers need to be quiet so the brain can focus. I often have a couple of days where I just play around with some things in my head. It usually results in renewed energy once I get back to it!

  2. Get well soon Kerrin! Don't push yourself too hard!

  3. Hi,

    Sorry to hear the spark has temporarily gone with the "Downer Blues" and that you're unable to push on with your writing. As for Autumn, you're right it has its compensations in the glorious shades of rustic leaves etc. Hope you'll feel better soon!


  4. I haven't written anything in a while either. Sometimes thinking time can be just as important as getting those words down, though.

    Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.