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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The plotter may have to step in...

Well after a really slow start and then going at a fast clip (for me!) i seem to have come to screeching granny steps.

I have my characters who are bright and very determined to have their story told, i even have scenes further on in the story jumping at me to be written, but that seems to be the problem...
Getting my characters to those scenes that they are telling me they want, need to be at is the problem. They are not ready to be there just yet where i have written to so far. I'm not writing fast enough for them it would seem so i just have to keep plodding along, but how to get there??

I think this is where a bit of the plotter is going to have to kick in. I'm not going to map out the entire rest of their story, just a few points on how to get to the scenes they want to be at it would seem, as i can't seem to get them there so far. I don't want to lose the passion of the pantser as it is working for me so far (see previous posts!), so i will not be letting the plotter take over completely.

Does anyone else have these problems?


  1. :) Hey Kerrin ! I like the new design of your blog !

    Plotter vs Pantser - the tug of war goes on.. I have faced the problem many times - like when my pantser rules and I am writing.. the plotter tries to think what next..and of course, pantser (who is the strong point in me), doesn't allow protesting or jumping to a new story..

    They are actually like kids ;) who need constant attention and loads of treats to keep them on their toes..

    All in the life of a writer I suppose ;)

  2. Hey Ju, thanks. Never thought of it like kids, but you are so right! maybe treats will work...

  3. I need a bit a both to keep interested in the story. So I do a bit of plotting too. I'm beginning to think it's all about the edit.

  4. i think you may be right Lacey. I'm having a bit of trouble about whose point of view each scene should be in, but i think that should a whole new blog post!! LOL

  5. I struggle with that too :) Isn't that what the magic eight ball is for??

  6. Sorry - arriving late. Really hope those characters are behaving and doing what they're told.