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Monday, May 17, 2010

To fight or give up?

After watching Bones last night, i have to ask a question.
Do you prefer your hero to fight for the lady he loves, even if she has rejected him though she clearly loves him right back though is afraid to cross that line? Or like Booth did last night just give up and find someone who will love him calmly without him having to fight?

I found myself staring in a state of shock and confusion and just frustration at the screen when my husband turned the t.v off last night. I wanted Booth to fight for Brennan, to convince her that he is not going to give up. Not just sit back and say that he is deserves someone who will love him. We've been watching this show for 5 season's and i for one have been rooting for them to get together (am i the only one wanting them to?), and for him to step back when she has said she can't change? It is wrong!

What do you think? An alpha male to me would fight, fight with all his worth for that lady he loves, convince her that yes i may be scary, but it is worth it!


  1. Hi,

    What disappointed you most:
    The fact that he's not as Alpha as you thought in the vein of HM&B Alpha?

    Or the fact that he said to hell with it I deserve bettter?

    The latter, when you think about it, seriously, makes him more Alpha than if he'd kept flogging away at a dead horse!

    Booth has pride, self-esteem, and ain't gonna be led by a leash, I get that much from your post and I've never seen the TV series! Clearly Brennan will have to go some to get him back, or see him walk away forever!

    Oh how I love it when love don't run smooth in a TV series or a novel. And. let's be honest, Alpha males will fight another to get what they want, but they won't fight a dominant/ reluctant female: they'll only try so many times to win her over and then give up and move on to a more pliable/willing mate!

    Hee hee, you've been reading too many HM&Bs.


  2. Ahh but if they get together the writers lose a great point of tension, but it is annoying

  3. Francine i totally see your point! It just frustrated the hell out of me that it was so clear that she loved him but was afraid to take that step and he just stepped back so easily with no fight. To me it seemed so out of character for him.
    But you are right. Perhaps he will fight for her in another way, showing her that her what she is missing, that she has to fight for him.
    I haven't read that many HM&B. I really should read more...

  4. ARgh, knew I shouldn't have read this post. Yeah, I did see the spoiler alert but you know it's like the button with the label 'do not push'. You just want to push it... :-)
    Anyway, that kind of sucks! It kind of depends on the guy I reckon. The hero of mine lets the heroine walk away - but that's cause he has to learn to let go of her and she has to learn that escape isn't the answer. And I can kind of relate to Booth doing that. Alpha males fight but sometimes fighting can mean letting go.
    Got a whole lot of episodes backed up that I need to watch - want to watch them now!!

  5. Hi Kerrin,

    Even I am not aware of the serial per say..but the question of whether he should continue wooing her in spite of all odds and ends.. is an interesting one.

    One side, am rooting for him to be ruthless in letting her know what she wants, ie him. But on the other side, am wondering - if she is too shortsighted to see herself falling in love, may be she isn't the right choice for him as a life-partner.

    Typical alpha males need someone to keep them on their toes, someone who is equal and more in terms of their emotions, who can understand what he wants vs what he says.... so if Brennan wants him, she should be ready to prove to him that he wants her as well... in spite of what he has told.

  6. haha Jackie i know! i haven't watched a few episodes before this one too so i'm going to do a catch up as well. I hear you about letting go but i still bugged me!
    I understand all the good points you have all made, thanks Ju and Lacey and Francine :) But i want them to be together - i love happy endings!!