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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Second guessing...can i do it?

So now i'm nearly at the half way mark in my draft for Ten nights Only, Wow, i'm at 25,000 words! (happy dance!!!!) Now i'm finding myself second guessing myself.
Lying in bed at night or very early in the morning with scenes in my head or conversations between Billie and Cooper - why can't i just sleep? and i'm hoping i can sustain their story for another 25,000 words. Then i start to panic and think OMG i can't do it!

My biggest goal is to finish this draft, to prove to myself that i can finish this story. In order to do that i have to piece together the scenes in my head and the conversations on have in bed and the car and on the way to the park - the kids must think i'm nuts ;) - i'm sure i can sustain it for another 25,000 words.

I am not going to go back and read what i have written just yet, though i am dying to go and delete some already, that will be done and changed AFTER i've finished.

Tell me i'm not the only one with theses doubts!


  1. Hi,

    Of course you can do it!

    You've reached the half way marker, now it's time for head down and draw on every last ounce of willpower to get you to the line!

    Don't panic . . . "nuts" is par for the course.

    Most every writer can appear a little odd when obsession takes hold of the writer's leash. ;)


  2. Just a glance to your side, and see, am right there. On the same boat !

    I always start with a great enthu, even get 1-2 chapters all done, neat, tension packed.. after that, the words will trickle..each one like pulling tooth.. Even after I cross the halfway mark, I will hesitate.. and many of my MS's are abandoned... either at 1-2 chapters or at half way mark.

    But the few that I have hung on, pulled, dragged, huffed and puffed up the hill are really special :) Atleast in my eyes. In ed's eyes, that's a different story ;) one day am sure they'll like it too !

    So, whatever happens.. just write !!!! That's the question, hint and the solution as well.

    -- The above pep talk is for me to get back to those revisions and the novella I HAVE to complete within a week to sub to an anthology.. I hope it helps you too...

  3. Thanks Ju and Francine
    I still have some great scenes to write and i will write them, i just hate those "doubt crows" that lots of other writers talk about, you know?!
    I will finish this story, just hope i have enough words left in me for it, hehe!! Good luck with yours Ju and yours too Francine :)

  4. Woop 25K! You can definitely do it! Having the family think you've lost your mind is a great sign ;). You've tapped into your inner creative genius! Just don't cut off your ear ok?

  5. Kerrin, you've already achieved a huge milestone in that you've gotten down so many words! You just have to push through it now. I tend to like to go back and edit as I write. I know writers who just forge forward with the draft and edit later. You have to find the process that works best for you. Keep going! It was an amazing feeling when I wrote my first full length novel to get through to the end. It needed pretty major revising, but the sense that you've actually written a book is not something experienced by a lot of people (compared to the number that tell me they're going to write a book one day)!!

  6. Of course you can do it - have faith in yourself, Kerrin.