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Friday, March 5, 2010

Writing is a tricky business

So i've done my character interviews. Feel like i know my characters better and how they will handle/react to each other without having me force them to do something they dig their heels in for...
Then BAM! Lightbulb moment while driving this morning and i realised i had Cooper's Internal Conflict completely wrong, but at least i now know exactly what it is! Truly i do.

Now i have the problem with Billie. Her IC doesn't conflict enough with Cooper's, so there will not be enough tension in the story, as it stands at the moment, to continue to keep them apart plausibly. Except for the External Conflict. Urgh!

Now i feel i have to take another step back and work more on Billie's character before i can continue crafting their HEA. If she isn't right, then their story wouldn't be right either.
This is why many people WANT to write a novel, but only a few ever DO!

Writing is a tricky business. Hopefully i will get this soon, but not too quickly. I don't want to know it all and then become bored! This bumpy road is part of the excitement, right?!

Jackie Ashenden has written a couple of really great posts on creating a hero and heroine on her blog and i have re-read each so often i have them by heart! For an (as yet but not too long!) unpublished author her information is gold. Check it out if you are having trouble crafting your own hero and heroine.
Crafty beggars!


  1. Hi Kerrin,

    Of course, without the "bumpy road" a writer's journey would be pretty bland and uneventful!

    And yes, Jackie's doing a great job putting into perspective her characters and the way she creates individual identities.

    Sometimes though all the information gathered by aspiring writers swills around in the glass bowl of the mind, and starts cascading over into precious writing time. That said, the learning curve never ends, if it did, established writers wouldn't be looking to the unpublished for ideas!? - like they do.



  2. It sounds like you're getting there Kerrin.

    Jackie's just fab isn't she. So generous and helpful - I've found out so much about writing romance by reading her blog.

  3. Hey Kerrin, I figure the journey is something you have to go through, so you'll appreciate it all the more when you're finally published. At least that's what I tell myself. Almost daily LOL!

  4. thanks guys! i think another essential part of the writer's learning is the support they receive from other writers. comments of support and well wishes help to garner success and achievement. I can feel the encouragement and this actually helps!
    Thanks heaps guys!
    And if by posting how i learn things by reading from others and then stumbling across things too, it helps another writer, like Jackie does for me, I'd feel so proud to be helping them!