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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photo Board

Here it is as promised. Billie Martin and Cooper Wilde, their life in pieces set out for you to see. Well the bare bones of the background and in bits and pieces of where things will happen that is :) (some of them!)
Set in Windy Wellington and having a starring role in Oriental Bay, these two will confront their conflicts and finally get their happily ever after!

I wrote only 200 words yesterday due to daughter being home sick with a cold, no writing as yet today, but hopefully will get some in tonight.


  1. Hey Kerrin,

    That's really nice to see your working images :) I bet they are really handy when you imagine your H/h in a particular setting :)

    Good luck with your current WIP!

  2. I like the idea :) I have a huge corkboard in my room that I'm using in a similar way

  3. It looks amazing. I can see how it can be inspiring. Maybe I should try just a thing!

  4. i was originally trying to do it on my pages application on the Mac but just couldn't get it how i wanted it, so ended up printing and then cutting out and sticking on with cellotape :) LOL
    I have many more pictures of the characters but these are the main ones, the basic character bones that i will be working from. The sculpture is going to be the basic design that Billie will use in Cooper's bathroom, you can imagine what that will do to the hormones and tension... ;)
    Let's hope it works.
    Right, back to it!

  5. It looks great Kerrin! I hope your daughter gets well soon.

  6. Thanks Lacey, i hate colds!