Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And we're off!

I've started! 356 words for Ten Night Only rewrite. Billie and Cooper and getting their real story written at last and you know, it feels so right!
At a snails pace i'll admit it, but i've started. And most of the writing today is in note form, but at least i know where i am going and this is mostly how i write anyway.

I write the notes then fill in the detail later. Plump it up with the juicy bits of description and dialogue and when it comes to me, as it comes to me and when i get stuck go back to note form.
That way i don't get writer's block and words keep going.

Of course when i go back to re-read it is a bit dis-jointed but that is part of the fun, discovering where it needs the colour!

How do you write?


  1. Kerrin, Writing is most important :) in our journey towards publication and after that as well !

    It doesn't matter how many words a day, as long as it makes some progres.. That's my current plan !

    Somehow whole Feb ran while I got super-busy without any writing done ! This time, am trying to put some time each day (say 1 hr) to just type the story that's on forefront of my mind among the 2 WIPs and one revision ! Hence even if ideas stall for the WIP, revising is easier when we dont have to think much (esp grammar, tightening etc)..

    This juggling - I am doing only for the past 1 week and so far it works !

    I'd also like to know how others are writing :)

  2. Keep going Kerrin,

    It gets easier the more you write.

    I've made it to thirty-five thousand words on the Polo playing billionaire plot, and all since just before Christmas (I think) or January time.

    Thing is though, I now have characters screaming at me to get on with their historical novel!

    Will the garden survive all this neglect in favour of writing?



  3. I write on the train into work, at lunch and then on the train back out :) It makes the trip fly by and I actually appreciate the times we get stuck *lol* - except when I need to go loo!

  4. hehem Nicole! funny! yes great idea to write when ever you get the chance!

  5. I always like to think that any words is more than the person who wants to write a book but never starts :D

  6. you are so right Lacey! i like that too!
    Francine and Ju thanks for the encouragement, every bit counts!