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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slow going, but i'm past chapter 1!

Yay, i've finally typed my characters through chapter 1! Phew that was hard going.
I really seem to struggle with getting that ground work laid out. I know what i want, have it all planned out in notes and in my head but when it comes to writing it, there go the snails....
Finally, though they are away. Though i know it will be painful when i go back to edit (won't do that until the end though!)
Hopefully it will be a bit faster from here, but i'm not holding my breath. It seems to be my way. Struggle through, but at least i get there!
Aim for a little bit at a time and at least the word count goes up steadily.
Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement, it really helps! :)
How is everyone else going?


  1. Yay Kerrin, WTG ! Glad you crossed the first hurdle crouched in the form of chapter 1...
    Here's to hoping you complete soon !

    Am down with a flu bug and totally doped by the medicines.. Hopefully will get back to my stories soon..

    Till then research time = checking blogs, reading everything and anything...

  2. Fantastic news, Kerrin.

    First hurdle cleared, and before you know it you'll be on approach to the last.

    Great stuff, for perseverence does reward in The Satisfaction Stakes!



  3. Hope you get well soon Ju!
    Thanks Francine, I sent you the first chapter to read as you kindly offered :0 hope you don't mind!

  4. Yay! I can sympathize Kerrin. No matter how much you plan that baby out sometimes writing it is like having teeth pulled ;)

  5. hehehe no worries suzanne, and thanks :)

  6. ain't it the truth Lacey! last night i wrote 600 words in 40 minutes so i was on fire, it was great, then i realised it was midnight so it was quick to bed!

  7. Congrats! I think hard about where to actually start in chapter one. Once I decid I rarely change it, and I tend to start it in the middle of some action, not necessarily between the H & H. You always here how critical the first page, chapter, even the first line is! Nothing like even more pressure, right?

  8. you are so right Kaily, last night i even had a thought of another way to change chapter 1! groan. not going to though. It is going to STAY the way i have it until i have finished the entire thing. then i will revisit!