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Friday, March 12, 2010

How much is too much?

So instead of writing on thursday i did research for Ten Nights.
I researched mosaic designs in bathrooms as this is what Billie will be doing for Cooper when he hires her. He doesn't know it is her and vice versa until he opens the door.

I've done a mosaics course myself so i know how to do it, but i wanted a few ideas on ideas and a bit more of a background on the process. In particular the proper grout to use and sealant and the best tiles to use. And of course design ideas. Something sensual and stirs up memories...

Since i was googling i also took a look at a few other things.
How easy is it for you to get sidetracked with 'research' instead of word count? Do you find you are so easily distracted? Can you ever do too much research.

I also created a photo board/collage to work from, instead of opening up my photos application everytime i needed a refresher to describe something i decided it would be easier to have it all on one paper on the wall in front of me (i'll post a pic when i take one :)). Does anyone else do these?


  1. I would LOVE to see your photo board. I've heard a lot of writers say they use them and they sound SO cool. I will often tape a picture above my computer or save one I see online that generates a feeling, sense or something that I'm working on, but it's generally not what I imagine the characters to look like or anything like that.

    I do think you can do too much research. It is a distraction of course but the last thing you want is for a ms to have a feeling of a technical document. I've read a few novels where the detail about something made me think of studying and school and lectures. I think the detail can bring a depth, richness and authenticity to a story, but it has to be balanced with it being a supporting function to the characters and their situations. It has to be woven in without it seeming like information dump. Your story sounds really interesting!

  2. Hi Kaily. I'm not going to bombard the reader with all the research i'm doing, i hate books like that too, find myself flipping pages until i find the dialogue! It's more that i am easily distracted with doing the researching :) it's all so interesting.
    Will get right on to finishing that photo board and take that picture :)

  3. Wow I can't wait to see your board. Your story sounds great!

  4. The board sounds cool! I did something similiar for the ms currently under submission. I did it in Microsoft One Note where you can put pictures and quotes and all sorts of stuff. It was really useful when I initialy did it, but you know what? I never looked at it again! I don't know why! :-) I think it's because when I'm writing, I can picture if vividly in my head, and pictures of real life can kind of muck that up. Does that make sense? :-)

  5. Your photo board sounds like a terrific idea.