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Friday, July 8, 2011

Mills & Boon = bad. WHAT?

This morning on the way to playgroup, i heard something astonishing on the radio.
The presenter read that a study has shown that Mills & Boon gives readers a rose-tinted look at love and relationships, and that it is bad!
All the M&B's i've read have realistic heroes and heroines struggling with real-life problems and facing real-life and often painful consequences, and demanding the best from the person they love.

I found it interesting that Kate Walker and Donna Alward both had posts about an article in the Telegrath. Both are writers for Mills and Boon.
Check out their sites (click their names) to read what they have to say!

I am in agreement with Donna and would love to know what books the reseachers or the journalist has read to base their facts on. Personally i think that readers are well aware of fiction and real-life, no matter how life-like the romance novels they read are!

p.s - still looking for critiquers/readers for my story. The help will be much appreciated!!


  1. Isn't that the point of fiction? To take us to different worlds, where things work differently? I mean, I don't expect my true love to be sparkly, super-powerful, totally obsessed with me, and ultra-protective, no matter how many times I've read Twilight. (Not all that many, but still!)

  2. It's a sad world where we can only expect "sub-par" love offerings from "real" men because men who treat us well and relationships that work out in the end are just "not realistic".