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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Critiquers/ Editors wanted!

I have decided to post my story - The Price of Passion (see WIP's page) - on Amazon.
But, i need to get a few critiques and/or edits to make it sharper and less generic.
Is there anyone out there willing to do this for me?

It's 50,000 originally aimed at mills and boon. So it's a very internal conflict driven story, with hardly any plot. I like it, but it does need some work.

Let me know and once it's up on Amazon i will give critiquers/editors a free copy of the final work!

Send me an email and i'll wing the WIP your way for your much needed help!


  1. Anonymous07 July, 2011

    I'd love to help, but I've got my hands full with crit partner WIP's to look over. Good luck finding some critiquers and editors. :)

  2. Hi Kerrin,

    Sorry I can't help you myself but I took this course by Carina Editor, Angela James and loved it. She's got another starting July 11th and you can find out more at

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks Madeline
    Thanks for the link Lacey - i'll have a look!

  4. I probably am a little busy for anything too heavy at the moment... I'll see how things pan out over the next week or so. What do you need doing most?

    lol, just seen your post on my blog...

    anyway, good luck and i will certainly grab a copy once it is on Amazon.:-)

  5. I could, but not sure if a guy is the right source.