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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Voice and characters

Kate Walker has a fantastic post all about Voice on her blog. If you've ever wondered what it is and how to get it, she divulges the facts. It's hard but it will come to you if you are true to yourself as a writer!

I couldn't help but feel, maybe that was the main reason for my submission being "not strong enough"?!
I'll have to keep trying to get my true voice in my next ms's!

And, yes i'm still reading Kate Walker's fabulously helpful book 12 point guide to writing romance. I've just finished the chapters on Hero and Heroine, and it all comes down to, again, being true to character. Don't make your hero an arrogant pig that will suddenly realise he loves the heroine and all his horrid behaviour is suddenly forgiven. And don't make your heroine a wimpy virgin. Give her some spine, something to make your readers absolutely love and believe in her (and him for that matter!)

I'm absent this week, well for the next two weeks. I'm on my two week practicum for my early childhood degree - i get to play with the toddlers! I mean i am learning how to link theory to practice ;)

Good luck finding your voice, and creating true, believable and honourable characters!


  1. Here here on the staying true to the characters and voice. And enjoy playing with the toddlers! Wouldn't all of us enjoy that for a practicum...

  2. oh dear, i can't agree more with the don't make the heroine a spineless virgin. For real, I like kick ass women as the lead.

  3. BET - well i am an at home mum, so this is rather easy!
    Deeds - yep, i like strong heroine's too!