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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Submission result

Well, i opened my email this morning and there was an email from ucanwrite.
My heart stopped then sped up and i waited for oh, a whole five seconds before opening the email with bated breath - just maybe they'll have said they like it, or if not they like my voice and want to see something else...

but no:

Thanks so much for submitting the first chapter and synopsis of your story.  Our editors reviewed the submission with care.  Unfortunately your story was not strong enough for us to consider further.  Good luck with your future writing endeavors and thanks for entering our challenge!

:( It would have been nice to have gotten a bit of feedback on WHY it wasn't strong enough.
Maybe they don't  do that, but it is frustrating that i don't know what i did wrong so how can i stop from doing it again with another story?

Well, to any of you out there lucky enough to get a "we love it", congratulations!

I shall not give up, no siree. One rejection can not stop the need to write!


  1. Hi,

    Ah well, better luck next time. They didn't bite, but the next one might! Chin up, and keep knocking on doors. ;)


  2. Even JK rowlings got rejected!!

    which book was it that you submitted??


  3. Hugs, Kerrin! Form Rs suck. I'm wondering if they sent out more form Rs than normal due to the volume of submissions and the need to get back to people before the end of January.
    I would see if you can figure out what would make the story stronger and then re-sub it. They did say to people they could re-sub.
    And yep, awesome attitude. Yay to not giving up!

  4. Francine, thanks for that! And i'll be knocking on theirs again this year sometime :)

    Pix - it was Billie and Cooper's story

    Jackie - as i don't have any experience with harlequin apart from what i've been reading and following online, i really wouldn't know where to start! I guess i need to find a crit partner who is writing for the same thing!

  5. coolies,

    btw, i have finished Secrets & Lies. (yes actually finished it) i am more than happy to talk you through what i though ect... if you want to skype and chat. go ahead. i have a few pointers from a readers perspective.

    anyway i'll get back to enjoying our public holiday. I'm pissed off because my new cleaning stuff won't arrive today because of the holiday. Meh...

    but seriously, loving the whole avoiding crappy products thing.

    you know me and my fickle attention span and love of random blogs...


  6. ((HuGS)) Kerrin! Get back on that writing horse!

  7. We both received the same form letter. So hugs to us both!

    Yes, I would like to know what 'not strong enough'means in this case.

    Thanks for the chance to comment:)

  8. thanks Lacey - already riding away!

    Debra - hugs right back! What line of M&B are you aiming at?