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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Giving it another go!

So, despite getting that form R from SYTYCW, i am charging ahead and editing Billie and Cooper's story to try and make it "stronger". I may even consider either submitting it to Embrace Books, or Carina Press, two ebook publishers for consideration.
Or do as my friend Nicole did, and upload it to Amazon.

I just can't let this story go, and would love to have it out there for all to read!
Do you think i should just give it up?
I am working on two other ideas as well, so it's not like it's the only story in my gambit.

What would you do?


  1. Hey Kerrin,

    i think you will always be disappointed if you just let it go without a fight!

    Edit and revise and edit and resubmit.

    But keep working on the others.

    If you think it is good there must be something in there.

    go for it i say!!

    oh p.s did you know we are back to back in the crusade numbers you are 118 and i am 117 :-)



  2. There's always other publishers :-) and I've just been reading what amazing success some people are having self publishing their books electronically. I'm fascinated by it. It seems they can have a slow start and then build to incredible numbers. I don't suppose you know how Nicole's book is doing?

    Lots of luck with the editing!

  3. Kerrin,

    more people are reading romance novels due to the privacy that kindle and other e-book readers bring. A reader can have one on a bus or train and because there is no cover art, know one knows the difference. I understand it has had a profound effect on the number of romance novels purchased.

    Anyway, No, I do not think you should give up. What I have read was good to my eye.



  4. I say keep sending it out. Ebook publishers are pretty valid too! Just keep going at it until it happens. No giving up! :D

  5. Hello there fellow crusader! I agree with the folk above, don't give up. If your characters are talking to you, let them party. Looking forward to knowing you better on the crusade.

  6. Don't let it go- maybe step away from it- but don't give up on it fellow crusader!

  7. I'd resubmit. Before you consider pubbing on Amazon, know that publishers will not contract the book unless THEY have the digital rights. So there's that.

    Glad to meet you, fellow crusader.

  8. Hello fellow crusader! Thanks for visiting my blog. As for your question here, my knee-jerk reaction is never give up! Lots of worthy work is passed up until the right publisher gets his or her hands on it. But that said, also never stop at 'good.' 'Good' writing is easy to come by. Strive for 'great!'

  9. I don't think you should give up - have you tried beta readers or a critique partner? An objective eye might identify a problem that you are too close to the story to see.

    Thanks for coming and commenting on my blog - I look forward to seeing more of you, here, there and everywhere :)

  10. Lacey - Nicole's book is going great guns! She had heaps of buys!!
    I have tried beta readers, but they aren't writing or reading for the same line i'm targetting - so have to branch out to some of those :)
    As for critique partner...i'd love one, just don't really know how it all works and what i'd be expected to do - i'm quite busy and don't want to say yes to reading when it will take longer than the crit partner was planning, you know?
    But yes, i am going to hang in there, maybe put Billie and Cooper's story up as an ebook and gather a following/get feedback from readers, then try mainstream with future works - you never know!