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Monday, July 19, 2010

Which Writer are you like?

to do this just click on the little link bit of this badge and copy and paste a bit of your writing and it will analyze your style to find out what sort of writer you are like!

I write like
William Gibson

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Now: Who is William Gibson?
He is a science fiction author who coined the term "cyberspace".


  1. Hi Kerrin,

    Thanks for the cool, cute tool..which promised me that I write like........ "Stephen King" ah !
    Now, why don't I believe that? Or may be I do? Since that's gathering loads of R's, btw :)

    Anyways, I'm on a short break from writing ;) and have to get back to it sooner ! Hope yours is going well..

  2. Jane Austen

    go figure. Kinda cute though.

    BTW, I recommended the Overtime book to my wife. It only cost $3.00 US for the Kindle version. Plus, she has been teasing me a bit recently about how her boss has been kinda hitting on her. ;-}

  3. Hi,

    Did this backend of last week see Kate Walker's blog - trumped:

    James Joyce and Virginia Woolf on two historical samples.

    Chuck (whathisname) he of Fight Club fame, and that of Joanna Trollope on two category romance samples.

    I then put in some German text and it threw up Edgar Allen Poe!

    It's basically a load of piffle!


  4. oh, well Francine, just a bit of fun!!
    SH, she will enjoy it, and i'm sure she is just having a bit of fun with you about the boss :)
    Yes get back to it Ju! I am..right now!