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Monday, July 26, 2010


Is there something you just can't seem to control? Something you have to do or have?

Recently i discovered an addiction and have done something drastic in order to curb it. Are you strong enough to stop?

My Her,o Cooper is addicted to the scent of blueberries, which incidentally is the scent in Billie's perfume. It seeps under his control, a control he is determined to keep a hold of, a control that is slipping with every whiff he gets of the juicy, tantalising, sinful scent on her skin...of course it doesn't help that the scent evokes all sorts of sinful memories designed to tempt a saint ;)

So 'fess up - what's you addiction?


  1. it changes, but right now, giving my wife an orgasm. I love to do it, whenever she lets me. She likes when I build up, back off, a few time to make it last. I get such pleasure knowing she is experiencing ecstasy. I go to sleep those nights with a wonderful sense of elation and I find I crave it something fierce. Since my orgasm are limited, the elation of giving her one is the replacement I seek. Mine come once every four to six weeks, but I can give her one many times while I am chaste. It is making my head spin a little thinking about it. ;-}

  2. I know. Me too. I am relegated to wait for her prompting, but love when given the opportunity. ;-}

  3. wow! that would be awesome SH at my bidding... haha. what stamina to be able to hold out that long!!
    Nic, what's your addiction? do you have one?

  4. Chocolate!! Story sounds great Kerrin!

  5. ...well it is not intercourse. my "stamina" is not involved. *blush*

    last night, 2-hr foot massage while she watched TV and read in her kindle followed by a good night sexual workup for her. She went to bed spent and I am in my CB and went to bed very happy & chaste. I live for nights like that.